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It's fascinating how these fluid, Seurat like, images emerge slowly, point-by-point, from a fog. The product of a very simple computer program. The boundary about these strange transcendental numerical identities - the points comprising the Mandelbrot set, which are always found together as islands or 'minibrots', contributes to these images. One could say you're looking at the mortal part of this infinite abstract identity.

The only Islands (minibrots) worth rendering this way are those which lie along the real axis. The symmetry about the real axis creates all sorts of patterns and faces.

I like the Buddhabrot rendering algorithm. It's only slightly more complicated to code than the utterly simple escape time 'shader', and displays much more information. The drawback is how time consuming this rendering approach is - hours to days for images with maximum iterations in the millions. Most of the time is spent examining points which comprise the Mandelbrot set and therefore do not contribute to the image, unfortunately. Creating these images is not for the impatient.


a more technical explanation

Eric Bazan, December 18, 2012