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Pure fractal art

Welcome to my fractal site.

I've been interested in the abstraction known as the Mandelbrot set since 1986. At that time I was amazed a simple process (Z^2 + C) could generate beautiful pictures. The discovery of the Mandelbrot set lead to the creation of the word fractal and spawned the fractal art genre.

Not only did I reveal all the images on this site, I also wrote the computer program which created them. My interest is what some call pure fractal art. This means only images from the Mandelbrot set with very little processing. The 'classic', escape time, images are two primary hues. The Buddhabrot images are also very minimally processed with only two controls, gross & fine, to control the development of the digital film

Within these limiting parameters I attempt to create compelling pictures.

What makes pure fractal art so astonishing is it reveals the mesmerizing abstraction known as the Mandelbrot set without any alteration by human hands. The faces ones finds in the Buddhabrot imagery, for example, are not created by hand nor complex effects - you are seeing the face of one of the abstractions children!

I hope the galleries are interesting.

-Eric Bazan, August 26, 2011

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